Hi There,

My Name is Tola Olabiyi and I will be your instructor for this course. I am the owner of shop.nursesoffaith.org. I am here to teach you how to make passive income from your online store.

As you may have witnessed, the year 2020 showed us that one stream of income is not enough.

As a nurse, I know that you have to show up for your shift in order to get paid. What happens when you are sick and are out of P.T.O, you Do Not Get Paid.

It is so imperative in 2021 that you acquire another stream of income. Owning your online store is one of the ways to do so.

Owning your online store does not have to be a hassle. With this course you can set it up easily and be up and running in 2 weeks or less.

Are you ready to wake up to alerts that you have sales?

Do you know that you could be receiving money in your account without ever processing the product yourself.

Let me show you how to set up your apparel or accessories store through Shopify. I will also walk you through the drop shipping process so that you can start-up and start making money in two weeks or less.

I will also show you how to set up the backend apps so that you can retain customers and market effectively.

Are you ready?

Register now as seats will be limited to allow for adequate feedback and guidance through the process.

Any Questions?

I can be reached at [email protected]

Set Up Your Online Store Easily

You Can Have Your Store Set Up In 14 days or Less.

Nurses! with passive income coming in, you can own your time and be your own boss.

You can pick and choose the shifts you want. You won't have to clock in to get paid. You won't have to work overtime all the time just to get your bills paid.

Start investing towards the life that you are dreaming of so that you can leave shift work and toxic environments behind.

Don't delay on taking the next step for your business.

What Do You Want to Sell?

You have lots of options! From T-shirts, hoodies, masks, mugs, pillows, jewelry and so much more. I will walk through different drop shipping platforms that you can connect to your online store.

What Apps Do You Need For A Profitable Store?

Having the right apps on the back-end of your store will make you more money in the long run. I will walk you through what apps you need to continue to generate passive income.

Get Your Store Up & Running

Don't waste anymore time trying to figure out how to sell apparel online. Get your store up and running in 2 weeks or less.

Choose a Pricing Option

Your Online Store is Waiting...

Let me walk you through how to get it done.

Take the leap today!